The Development of the Nautical Tourism in Croatia


1000 isles, the total revenue of the tourism in all of the world’s country amounts to 100 billion euros. Now Croatia gets 6% piece of the tourism cake. Before the war, tourism in Croatia was the primary economical drive -Yugoslavia. This wonderful state is in again although the war has set Croatia as destination on hold and everyone is buzzing about Croatia as the very best European destination.

Croatia has a great possibility in this division that is economic. Yet in the strategy the key is in every company. To revert back to the very first sentence of the particular article, “the state of 1000 isles”, it appears to me that the response to question concerning the strategy is self explanatory. Croatia should follow the example of Montenegro and it has to create favorable investment climate for the building of mega yacht marinas. We’ve asked SrA? A part of Adriatic Yacht Services direction Portolan, bord his point of view. SrA? has told us that we have to follow the model applied by France. Portolan was the section of the Adriatic Yacht Services incentive excursion which happened in March 2013 in Max d’Antibe. SrA? told us that he was amazed by the scale of marinas and particularly those allowed for megayachts. SrA? Additionally described to us that the infrastracture services’ caliber was second to none. SrA? Portolan stressed this French model is what Croatia lacks.


We’ve failed the test, here in Croatia, Dubrovnik if we want to analyze just two of these variables. Naturally we must follow along with the case of our neighbors, Montenegrins. Porto Montenegro in Tivat, a luxury marina complex, an Anglo Russian investment job is a success story to the stage that petroleum hit a serious money is being invested by Azeri investors for the development of a brand new luxury marina in Kumbor. Having been to Porto Montenegro I was amazed in the scale car dealership representative offices of infrastructure, restaurants, high-end stores, high-end travel agencies, yacht dealership representative offices, which to me just emphasized the seriousness of the entire narrative.

At the close of the day, the decision one can draw is an easy one, the top destination in Dubrovnik as Croatia must find asap a remedy for the building of a marina for mega yachts before is too late. So it’s reasonable that your next stop is Dubrovnik and if you get in your yacht in Porto Montenegro in Tivat. However, in the event that you don’t have marina for megayachts let services and accompanying infrastructure, it’s exceedingly improbable that you as a nation read destination, are to lift this piece in the cake to let’s boost your economic recovery and say 8%.

A Delightful Bed and Breakfast Stay


There is a bed and breakfast a place where the traveler, you, can love too as possess the very best of what having a home like vibe is all about. Furthermore, you are definitely going to be partaking in a more-than-great meal comes.

There are several hostels which may offer you board that is comfortable in addition to accommodation, and of course, excellent breakfast. These areas are often located some area old-time along with tranquil.

Lots of bed and breakfast hosts happen to be locals who preferred to open their houses to travelers, such as yourself. They are found close to culture but are much enough so that you can spend a little bit of peace and quiet. What’s more, it is easy to get to one to relish your day investigating what Mother Nature offers and roaming around. In general, there are rather the variety of places to go to in addition to research while making your stay there.

There is a bed and breakfast usually situated in a rural district that is a short space away from a bustling town. In addition, there are also the ones which are handily found near airports.

Both cozy along with affordable lodgings expect couples, businessmen and professionals and single people and families when they check into a hostel in this way. It’s possible for you to anticipate not only comfy but clean rooms as soon as you select to make your stay there.


Exceptional hostels provide a homelike setting along with conveniences that could equal that of hotel chains that are larger. There are even rooms come well-equipped with in-room coffee or tea facilities, amazing views and TV’s.

The rooms boast of having private facilities like central heating, double or twin beds along with clean towels. They are also able to come equipped with a WiFi Internet connection. There are plentiful parking spaces which are tracked through CCTV securing things in the event you have gotten there by automobile.

Undoubtedly the highlight of staying at a bed and breakfast is, needless to say , the morning meal. They are home made along with newly prepared each morning. You can also request a continental breakfast if you want.

You’d definitely feel as if you are at home sipping some hot brew at a bed and breakfast, in order to begin your day off right. Handily, there are stores that are nearby you can see you are trying to find something to recall the area by.